Saturday, November 25, 2006

The knitted afghan for curtie by her grandma Lucille

Before I became pregnant with Curtie, my mother-in-law began a very beautiful and complicated knitted afghan. Everyone in the family would crowd around and question Lucille about just who the lucky recipient would be. Finally, after too many questions, and also exasperated that there was no granddaughter yet, she made an agreement that the first granddaughter would get the knitted quilt.

From the start I had a feeling that Curtie was a girl, so I never thought about the project. But once I had her, that was the first thing that everyone said after congratulations--hey, she's going to get the afghan! First, it was kept in Lucille's cedar chest, safe from sunlight and dust. Later, when Curite graduated from high school, she was given her gift, and we've kept it for her until tonight. Tomorrow, Curtie leaves here and will drive back to Oztown; then in a few weeks, she will leave it for good and strike out on a new adventure in NYC.

It's good she can take with her a part of her family history.

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