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Spring to Summer: Deer and their Fawns

As witnessed since the time of this fawn's visit, mothers of young mammals leave their babies in a safe place while they hunt or look for food. Another time, we saw a little fox cub resting one night about 2 a.m. in our back courtyard. Two in the morning is rush hour for many desert mammals.  One night while it was raining softly, an adult (possibly male) skunk was bumping around in that same courtyard. Somewhat confused, he eventually exited the space and went back into the yard. He then kept waddling around (yes, they waddle) until he was around a corner and out of sight. Another night, he returned to hoover up the sunflower seeds I had scattered on the concrete courtyard pad for the birds. He proceeded to eat every morsel that night (twice!) We have about 6 or more deer that forage for greens in the arroyo behind the house. Good friends who live up the street said that the deer (usually in groups of 3) like to look over their fence to watch their dogs.

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