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It had to come at some point

When a relative greatly disappoints, go to Costco, gas up the vehicle. Then, go inside and buy a big box of strawberries 🍓, some shrimp 🦐 , and avocados 🥑. 
Then come home and make strawberry jam for the very first time. I did everything but buy a bottle of Taittinger 🍾
The disappointment stems from this relative (over 40 and living in another state) believing that any immigrant is a bad immigrant. I didn't go to this person’s Facebook page, but instead, the person commented on an image i posted of Jim Carrey with a quote. 

The recipe comes from a link to Ina Garten’s strawberry jam recipe. It’s really simple and has but three ingredients: fresh strawberries, lemon juice/grated lemon rind, and sugar.
Find her recipe here:

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