Thursday, May 03, 2007

Winner/Loser takes all

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Speaking of Hinduism, I heard last night about the highly-touted return of "La Spears" as Olbermann likes to call her. I'm sure he will have something to say about that tonight.

Perhaps he refers to her in this way because it seems she has no true personality beyond tabloid "news" (video/print/blog) and surveillance cams. In any event, she got up on that stage and did "it again, more time" for old times sake, I imagine.

And while some may hear some reverberating chisme about this "entertainment event" around watercoolers and such, Tracy Clark-Flory, writing for Salon's Broadsheet, thinks Ms. Spears appearance last night is really not "a good thing" for the former Mouseketeer:
The buzz around her reappearance isn't so much a celebration of her return to a relatively functioning state as it is a salute to the return of Spears, the symbol. It strikes me as sad that her reembrace of the very carefully choreographed seductress role -- one that has all the depth of a blow-up doll and, arguably, led her to very publicly deface her own body -- can be seen as a comeback rather than a relapse. "Stripperific" Britney's back

oh, and thanks to hoveringdog for allowing use of his images for blog posts ...i love green spears.

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