Monday, October 29, 2007

Vacant now lost

Vacant eyes detail

As a student of rhetoric, specifically visual, I always look for examples of interesting and spontaneous street or urban art. Urban is a misnomer here as I've captured examples such as stenciled scissors, footballers, and graffiti in such major metropolitan areas as Santa Fe, New Mexico; East Lansing, Michigan; and Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

But all snottiness aside, I think a town without occasion to vent while creating and disturbing the status quo leads to a pretty boring place. But then again, that's just MHO. And no, I'm not being jealous of another's ability to create, or vent. I do that quite well already.

But I digress. Sometime last weekend, this example was erased (painted over) by either the owner/franchisee of a gluttony palace (cafeteria) or by the city and its minions. In any event, I'm sorry to see it go, as it exhibited the kind of fun and spontaneity that many admire in street art--and, it was not tagged by gangs and it didn't seem to announce a specific venue or date of any "party." It just said Party with Vacant eyed women. It just was.

But now, it's not, and that's how it goes. Because all along it was ephemeral and not sanctioned. If it had been sanctioned then it would have lost its subversive attitude. And we all know we need all the subversives we can get.


Yasmin said...

its a shame to see people paint over people's art, but nonetheless, graffiti artists should expect it. ha. yet they should continue to do it. ha. (without going to jail)

anyways, its nice to read other people's blogs in el paso. i rarely find bloggers. :D

carolyn rhea drapes aka chacal said...

yup, that will always be the way with graffiti. thanks for stopping by.

while i have not been very good at posting (it is supposed to be daily updated,) i have something new and will post either this evening or tomorrow.

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