Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mr. and Mrs. Daisy driving home on a cold Thanksgiving Day

Sunrise, c. 1973
Today's image is a film photo I snapped one summer morning when I was in high school. It reminds me of the sunset I saw this evening. At the moment, I hear the rattling of rearranging dishes in the kitchen as MJ fits the remaining containers into the dishwasher while I catch up on my email. As always, and for many years now, he cooked the turkey, the mashers, and pies, while I clean up and organize what little is left to do (and sneakily read a bit of Sontag's On Photography. Earlier, I helped my parents reconnoiter out my neighborhood so they could make their way to I-10 and on east towards home. I turned, after seeing them enter I-10, and saw a brilliant scarlet sun sit on a purple flat mesa. The brilliance sat on the horizon for what seemed 10 minutes, though I know it was for just a couple. Incredible colors.
Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my little Nikon L11 with me.

Earlier, after dad got lost trying to find my house, I quickly located them. Too bad they didn't just turn around when he made the first mistake after he got off the freeway. But, no matter; they have a cell phone and called. I found them, a bit ruffled and when I got them to my house they were settled for a visit, and then we ate, talked, and now, they are safe at home again.

As for Curtie and Shannon, they are "segway through the boeuf bourguignonne" or some such at Florent, while the Judge, stayed in her dorm to work time and a half. Tomorrow she'll treat herself to a meal away from campus. This morning she awoke to find it snowed overnight. Here, we got a lot of wind that dropped the temperature.

A strange Thanksgiving, but able to give thanks for each other.

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