Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chalk the Block

While I had fun taking the pictures (and also preparing a group of the images for Flickr), a lot of what I saw was truly worked "inside the box." Those artists who chose "color" outside their blocks were truly the most interesting.


Unknown said...

Hello! I just wanted to pass by and thank you for the really nice blog! The pictures are great! I was one of the artists participating on last year's Chalk the Block. (I'm the one drawing St. Bartholomew) It's quite a shame I didn't get to meet you, it would of had been nice! I probably did't noticed when you took the picture =( Anyways, thank you for going...and hopefully you go to the one this year, and lets see if this time we'll meet! I also wanted to ask you if you could please send me some pictures which I really liked (that's if you still have them!) =)
Thank you again for dedicating a blog to Chalk the Block!

Kind Regards,


carolyn rhea drapes aka chacal said...

thanks so much for coming by. i thought your group's was the best of all. i hope you continue your art endeavors and i too wish i could have met you too. it would be great if they had this again this year. take care, and hope to meet you sometime.

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