Saturday, June 07, 2008

L and J Cafe

L & J Cafe
Ahh. A great place for a Mexican dinner is always the L & J Cafe near the Concordia Cemetery, located near the I-10/US54 interchange (aka the Spaghetti Bowl.)

Once you get past the noisy revelers at the bar, decorated with every beer neon sign known to man, the tiny landmark boasts one of the best Mexican cafes in the city. As usual, MJ had red enchiladas with onions while I tried the chiles rellenos for a change. Recently, the restaurant was transitioning their menus--photocopies of their previous menu with new slightly higher prices. But last night, new and beautiful menus were given to us which complemented the friendly and historic atmosphere, as well as their food--chile hot and delicious. And the bar…was just as noisy, crowded, with groups of friends and coworkers, glad to be together on a Friday after work.

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