Wednesday, October 19, 2011


How To Build A Pallet Day Bed | Prudent Baby

Earlier this month, I replied and reposted an image and link from my Tumblr feed. I thought I would also repost it here with the memory the image prompted.

Too long ago to want to admit, the now defunct magazine, Metropolitan Home, started out as Apartment LIfewhich began in the late 60s. Colourful and practical, this bi-monthly then monthly magazine exemplified a general audience which followed the Whole Earth Catalog mantra/ethos of recycling, basic cooking skills, and general do-it-yourself articles for those (younger boomers at the time) feathering their nests. We loved and thoroughly dog-eared our copies of this magazine until the publisher dumped the practical of the late 70s recession era, and turned to the more over-the-top and luxe (read coke-fueled) envy of the go-go 80s and 90s.

The fun thing about the magazine was its ‘guest’ home images ala em>Architectural Digest. Of those, I remember the New York apartments of the now divorced Paul Simon and Carrie Fisher and Michael and Deanna Douglas (Jan. 1980).

Sadly, after the boxes of our old issues got soaked in a leaky storage shed, I bid them farewell around 1990 or so. LIke old LPs, we had hauled them from El Chuco to Santa Fe to San Angelo and back again to El Paso and it was sad for me to let them go.

That said, one of the articles that has stuck in my mind after all these years is the instructions for making a pallet day bed just like this one.  There were a number of pictures of different chairs and sofas, but the one with the caster wheels was my favorite.

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