Monday, January 02, 2012

2012: the way

Perhaps it will be a banner (red) year. Or, perhaps this post represents the new year's resolution to create and publish blog posts on a regular basis. In any case, this post supports those working at the old El Paso Saddleblanket Building urbanart project. To view it, take the I-10 West Downtown exit and drive towards Oregon and West Wyoming Streets (google maps view).

There on the corner you can see this brief public arts project. If you cannot get there, I invite you to check out my Flickr set with images captured on December 26. Note that the building (as noted on the Flickr set page) was purchased by the City of El Paso in 2011, which will demolish it in February 2012. Currently, the city is considering various uses for this highly visible and rather important piece of land (as it sits atop I-10, at the NW edge of downtown proper) and on the edge of the museum/library complex and near to the historic San Francisco district. As for me, I'm just hoping it can again become a venue for outsider and emerging artists as it does today.

Pax in 2012 from Foxes Arroyo!

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