Thursday, July 26, 2007

Loretto Academy Chapel

Loretto Academy Chapel
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Being new to the world of a photo blog (and photo city blog), I'm not sure if I should post images of how the city looks today, yesterday, or long ago. That being said, and as I have a large cache of images of El Paso at the ready, I thought I would start at a place (that also refers to a particular point in time, aka high school) when photography began to be a part of my life.

This chapel and its attached convent and high school buildings were designed by architect Henry Trost for the Sisters of Loretto. The chapel is the cornerstone of 7 acres that makes up its schools and other buildings. Now in the center of town, it is the school where I attended and graduated from high school.

According to this article produced by El Paso Community College, "the school opened on September 11, 1923, with 143 students and eight teachers. At the time, the site for the school was outside the city. The first all-girls school in El Paso, the academy would teach not only academic subjects but leadership skills and the means to succeed in everyday life."

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