Sunday, July 29, 2007

Transitional periods: a couple of cemetery images

Maybe it's because I finished the final Harry Potter book this morning and now just coming home after seeing the Order of the Phoenix at the nearby metroplex. Could be it's that I found recently I'm not the only person fascinated by cemeteries, which is also proved by so many groups and images on Flickr, including my set of cemeteries in the area. Or, perhaps it's the gaulish and ferocious lightning storm going on at the moment. (Meaning, this is a quick entry.) Whatever the reason, here are a couple of my favorite images from cemeteries in the city.

Ft. Bliss National Cemetery-Spirits Alive Here
First is a shot taken at Concordia, which is in the center of town. When you drive through along I-10 you can see it. In fact, it is very near Loretto and the El Paso mural near Reynolds. The second is a slightly fogged Holga image that was taken at the Ft. Bliss National Cemetery before their xeriscape (aka zeroscape) project began.

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