Monday, August 06, 2007

Colón Theatre

Colón TheatreOne of the things I like to do is photograph the tops of buildings. While I know a lot of the action goes on in storefronts, I see the tops as the repository of a building's original raison d'être--what was and what remains of its original purpose.

In addition to this top scape of a beautiful deco theatre, is this image, which was submitted by my flickr friend, tejas962002. it shows the original facade in situ, and is not on the run like mine, which was captured while driving downtown one day and stopped at a light. here's the camera used, which is the one on the left.
Last fall, my husband and Bobby Zeiss Ikon bellows camerasByrd were taking a walk in the area. Bobby led MJ into the Colón, which now sells cheap toys and other trinkets. The postive thing about the glimpse for MJ was that he saw Plaza Theatre :: Celebrationthe theatre's elaborate interior is still very much in place, only the theatre seating has been removed. Perhaps it can one day be restored, like the Plaza Theatre. This image was snapped in March 2006 at the reopening celebration of the restored Plaza Theatre.

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