Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Powerbox art

Rim Road Powerbox

Yesterday, as the Judge and I were driving in the University area, I decided to stop at the corner of Rim and Mesa and catch this glued up guy before someone ripped him off the powerbox. While I understand powerboxes are property of whatever utility owns them, I think original silkscreens and handmade stickers and stencils are far more interesting than a burred silver surface that is a clean and boring powerbox.

This is true after someone, either from neighborhood, city, or utility company rips off powerbox artwork/graffiti that leaves a mess. Oh, yes I know. There is always the argument that all powerbox art is vandalism. But to me, it is no more vandalism than Clearchannel dirtying up free public sky space with vulgar jumbo billboards hawking $99 DNA paternity services. Yes, they do pay for the privilege of cluttering up free air space, but does that make it ethical or no less a distraction when driving the freeway? Beyond the grand commercial privilege, shouldn't there be the privilege of public art/speak? Or, perhaps all should be removed equally and thus quiet all public free space.

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