Friday, August 17, 2007

Transmountain after the rains

Franklin Mountains State Park / Transmountain

somehow this picture reminds me of Magritte. it must be the ratio of the rock to the clouds and the background valley landscape.


Unknown said...

i've been meaning to thank you for some time for taking the considerable time to capture el paso and share it online. so much of what you seem to see are the colors and light of el paso, the intangible something between my fingertips that i miss most about home.

carolyn rhea drapes aka chacal said...

thank you so much for taking the time to comment. currently, i am concerned with the conditions at the fort bliss national cemetery and will post an entry about this issue asap. unfortunately and fortunately, i am behind with my posts because i took my daughter back to college, and then my own graduate school semester began. what i hope is to post something later today.

but it's good to know that the blog helps people understand what makes el paso special in a good way. too often we are maligned in the press or people living here who are in a transient situation in their own lives; they seem to take their frustrations on the city.

carolyn rhea drapes aka chacal said...

thanks! i'm glad you like it.

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