Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rachel's View

At the Edge :: A View from Transmountain for Rachel

It's funny how so many people are attached to this rock. Rachel and I used to feed squirrels that sat on the big rocks while we ate our lunch. At the time, we worked on Market Center Street, which is just down Transmountain Road from the park.

Squirrels appreciate lettuces and tomato from a Taco Bell taco. They are such beggars. Many times when I go up there now, they run to the picnic tables and beg for food.


Gerald (SK14) said...

I'm afraid my wife's name for squirrel is tree-rat. We pretty much don't like the creatures but have to admit they can look cute and it is hard to refuse them titbits.

carolyn rhea drapes aka chacal said...

i understand. we saw very tame/beggar behaviour on the michigan state campus when we took the judge back to school. indeed, she's come to not care for the little buggers either, as one ran over her foot as she walked on the sidewalk last year.

however, we do not have an abundance of wildlife that we can easily see. the ground squirrel apartment located in the arroyo behind my house stands vacant. the squirrels left about 3 years ago. does this help the red tailed hawks, foxes, and other carnivores with whom we share space? not likely. to see squirrels, even though a rodent, is good. at least some semblance of eco-balance remains upon our treeless and cactus covered mountans.

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