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Ephemeral Christmas gifts

my kid that blogs moves east

The knitted afghan for curtie by her grandma Lucille

The painting in the Judge's room

I know they go too far

Happy Halloween!

Amsterdam :: At the mall, by my friend, Urban Chill

MSU :: Hubbard South at twilight

RIP Luiz Jimenez :: Sculpture entitled The Sodbuster

Heavy Cloud, No Rain

Reflections upon a favorite story

curtie in the flowers

Final Dance Recital :: Something for Cat

Graduation May 2006 :: Pomp And Circumstance

Dad's picture taken by his mom.

Approaching St. George's

Scout and Interestingness

White on white over grey

Plaza Theatre :: Celebration

The Plaza Theatre-beginning of Renovation

Disappearing Ink

The Judge & Typewriter

Break on through to the other side

1985 or so and a lyric that does not apply but says a lot

Remains of the daycare...

A Walk Down Oregon to the Plaza

Poetry Secret

Domesticity 1.0

Reviews of "Glory Road" and an interesting one among the pile

Here's to the so-called "demise" of film and film cameras

Ah, 2 C the world again

Classics to listen to: Coltrane and Montgomery

A Top 20 Mosaic

the judge did all the driving

Mailbox Tipping